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We have taught over 250,000 people worldwide how to cook! Now we bring our experience to you in the comfort of your own kitchen!
Tasty recipes full of flavour!
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White Sauce

Learn how to cook delicious condiments to flavour your dish.


A variety of meat with top tips on how-to-cook them to perfection.


A range of sides and desserts to compliment your new mains.

Who am i?

My promise to you is to keep it simple. Ingredients, preparation and timing is key, taking your home menu to the next level with my 45 years of cookery experience. 

I have shared my vision with over 250,000 people from around the world, helping them to enjoy a stress-free cooking process.

I have also been asked every imaginable question and now it’s time for me to share this in my online library with you. I want to teach you how to cook restaurant style food with your ingredients, in your home, guiding you with tips, tricks and how to flavour dishes.

I’m Ann Hood, and I’ll see you in the kitchen!

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Despite different things we might have heard or read, bread is a good f... read more
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Do Lobsters Scream in Boiling water?
There are several myths which surround the cooking of lobster. A lobster can look daunting with its antennae and claws. When you first take a look at it, you may think it cannot be cooked, you might have also heard tales where people claim that they have heard the lobster screaming and seen the lobster twitch in pain. The fact is that you don’t have anything to worry about boiling lobsters because they do not and cannot scream. This is... read more
The Inspiration Behind My Cookery Schools
My Cookery school is an environment where you will learn various approaches which can be used for cooking different food as well as drinks. These schools likewise ensure students practice various cooking techniques. My chef skills classes for all abilities create a standard so that students would be able to establish a restaurant, coffee shop, bakery etc after their graduation. There is a wide range of themed menus from which you can choose thereby opening doors to a great profession