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The Inspiration Behind My Cookery Schools

6th January 2019

My Cookery school is an environment where you will learn various approaches which can be used for cooking different food as well as drinks. These schools likewise ensure students practice various cooking techniques. My chef skills classes for all abilities create a standard so that students would be able to establish a restaurant, coffee shop, bakery etc after their graduation. There is a wide range of themed menus from which you can choose thereby opening doors to a great profession in one of the world’s very popular cuisine today. If you’re seeking for the best school, Ann’s smart school of cookery is the best pick for a huge amount of knowledge and skill for everyone, from absolute beginners to trained chefs.

Ann’s Smart School of Cookery founded by myself, Ann Hood, a past contestant of BBC Masterchef, (January 2009) and started the cookery school in Essex because I have a great passion for cooking and teaching. After 10 years of running the cookery school, it has grown in strength while offering cookery adventures for everyone. With this inspiration I have been able to impact  learning skills on thousands of individuals that have interest in cooking or aim to establish restaurant.

Ann’s Smart School of Cookery is the perfect place where you can get an intimate dining and learning experience, you can also get essential tips as well as tricks which can be used for cooking by myself and my team of  Smart School trained chefs in a relaxed and comfortable environment. The ingredients used are fresh and delicious and the tuition is highly informative we make it affordable for everyone to learn cookery techniques. This is because the main objective is to ensure people have a good understanding of cookery skills, this is why I started the school and ensure people are trained in a fun and simple way.

This cookery school has been a blessing as so many people have been able to benefit from it.


I want to teach you how to cook restaurant style food with your ingredients, in your home, guiding you with tips, tricks and how to flavour dishes.