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Why Fresh Bread Is the Best!

6th January 2019

Despite different things we might have heard or read, bread is a good food. It is the way it is being produced from the farming to the commercial baking stages that can cause health problems, such as gluten sensitivities. It is essential to encourage the right kind of grain, agriculture which produce grains that are full of fibre and also rich in nutrient says world-renowned chef and sustainability advocate Dan Barber.

What we are getting in the grocery store is made shelf-stable by removing the germ. But this is where all the nutrient and flavour are and this is why it is crucial to make fresh baked bread as accessible as whole coffee beans.

Most people would agree that there is a big difference between freshly baked bread from a bakery and buying packaged sliced bread in the supermarket. Not only is the taste far better when buying fresh baked bread but there are other benefits which can be derived. For instance, in most cases a bakery that bakes on daily basis will use healthier ingredient to bake tasty bread creations. High quality flour, as well as the best eggs and dairy products along with proper sugar content, all these will ensure the quality as well as taste of the bread is optimum. Reasons why fresh bread are the best include the following.

Heart Healthy and Less Fattening

In most cases, consumers would expect higher quality because some ingredients are avoided. This includes everything from high fructose corn syrup to stabilizer as well as preservatives. This implies that freshly baked bread has more of the good ingredients while leaving out the less desirable ingredients. This is one of the main reasons why fresh-baked bread is heart healthy and less fattening. The absence of saturated fats and artificial ingredients that are mostly used to extend shelf life simply means the fresh-baked bread is far better for the human body.

Whole Grains

Another major benefit of choosing freshly baked bread is that it has lower content of sodium when compared with commercially produced bread purchased in a supermarket. Other benefits include the use of whole grains that have been clearly proven to be healthier than bleached flour. This is because whole grains have more fibre and nutrients than refined flour which is found in most commercial breads. Additionally, whole grains have several essential fatty acids and proteins which are not found in bleached flour.

Superior experience

Finally, individuals that are experiencing food allergies will be happy to know that freshly baked products are less likely to produce allergic reactions. This include the fact that those allergies can have bread which are customized to the need of individuals and this helps in the prevention of allergies. Irrespective of the scenario, one thing which is certain is that you’ll enjoy freshly baked bread when compared to bread which are gotten from grocery store. Better health, better taste and a better experience can make it well worth the effort and time to seek out freshly baked breads. Why not bake your own? Ann’s method takes 5 minutes to make and 30 minutes to cook to perfection.

I want to teach you how to cook restaurant style food with your ingredients, in your home, guiding you with tips, tricks and how to flavour dishes.