Are you ready for? Gambas al Pil Pil

    De-vein and butterfly the prawns by scoring a line along the black of the body (but this can be both sides) then pull the vein out. To butterfly; score a line along back of prawn going half way through the prawn.  Heat a pan; toss the prawns in enough rapeseed to coat them then place in the hot pan and do not touch. Allow to cook for one minute then turn them over and remove the pan from the heat. When the prawn loses the transparency; add the chilli; garlic; seasoning; the rest of the oil; parsly and lemon. Place the pan back on the heat to warm through and serve.
      • 4 Raw tiger prawns per person
      • 50ml Rapeseed oil
      • Seasoning
      • 1tbsp Garlic paste
      • Grated frozen chilli to taste
      • Juice of a lemon
      • Small handful of chopped parsley