Are you ready for? French Onion Soup

    Heat a pan and add the butter and oil and add the sliced onions and allow to soften, Add a little flour in two stages, this thickens the soup, then add the stock, garlic, seasoning, red wine (it’s better if it’s been reduced) stir gently, add the bouquet garni or thyme and leave to simmer, If the soup is of a light colour add some soy sauce, its amazing, Keep tasting and season if necessary.
      • 4 sliced Onions, red, white or both
      • 1 dsp Flour
      • 1 bunch Bouquet Garni or thyme
      • Cinnamon
      • 1/2 bottle Red Wine or 1/4 bottle Port
      • 500ml of vegetable or Beef Stock
      • 1 dsp Butter
      • 1 dsp rapeseed Oil